Who are we?

We are a family owned and operated company who specializes in software developmentHere at the TekLovers Company we’re working to help the average business owner make their website truly shine. Unfortunately, not everyone has the ability or time to spend learning programming and creating custom code.

Our love of technology can be traced back several decades to when computers were first starting to become accessible to the general public. CEO and founder Tammie Arms received her bachelors in computer programming back in the 90s. Ever since then, we have followed technology as it grows. 3D printers, meatless meat, the Amazon Alexa, even the creation of the coding language Python – the list is endless. It’s truly amazing what we can do with technology.

It is from this love of technology, that we draw forth our desire to help others; to make the complex easy, and the difficult simple. To push others further, and to bring it to the next level. This is our goal with any of the code that we create.

Remove your limits

Here at TLC, we create software to satisfy a need. Take a look at some of those that we’ve created so far.

Multi-Step Form

Create a form with multiple pages to increase customer retention. Give your website an edge today, and sign up for Multi-Step Form Pro

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