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Custom Chatbots​

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)​

Virtual Business Card​

Reviews Manager​

Custom Email Campaign​

Squeeze Page​

Social Media Ads​


Custom plugins​

Custom Forms​

Back End Development​


Top tier Security​

Stationery Design

Business Cards


Fliers & Postcards​

Banner & Billboard​

E-book & Paper Book Cover​

Photo Retouching​



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Why should I use Multi-step form?

Multi-step forms are the future. Think about it. No more long, lengthy, forms that seem to go on forever.


Split the pages to have 1 question per page or 10. It's completely up to you.

User Friendly

For Multi-step form, simply use the Elementor toolkit to design the form. No more using complex forms of html, css, and javascript to create custom code for a form.


Here at TLC, we believe in providing options. Choose a packet that fits what you need today.

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We charge every quarter of an hour,
so that you only pay for what you need.

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