4 the love of software.


Here at TLC, we believe that using technology should be straight-forward and simple to use. With our cutting-edge, elementor plug-ins, the sky’s the limit.


To use one of our widgets, simply find the widget in the elementor tool bar. Click and drag the element onto your page, and let go. Easy peasy.


To add one of our widgets, simply navigate to the word-press store, search for the widget you're looking for, and click install.


Make your form as simple or complex as you like. With our widget, you can use elementor's wide selection of tools to customize to your heart's desire.

Why should I use Multi-step form?

Multi-step forms are the future. Think about it. No more long, lengthy, forms that seem to go on forever.


Split the pages to have 1 question per page or 10. It's completely up to you.

User Friendly

For Multi-step form, simply use the elementor toolkit to design the form. No more using complex forms of html, css, and javascript to create custom code for a form.


Here at TLC, we believe in providing options. Choose a packet that fits what you need today.

Discover our Team

TLC is a family owned and operated company.

Who are we?

We are a family owned and operated company who specializes in software development. Our love of technology drives us to help others; to make the complex easy, and the difficult simple.

Christina Arms

Head software developer

Tammie ARms

 Founder & CEO

Ambrosia Arms

senior officer & web designer

Nimai Gomes

HEad of Sales & customer Service

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